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Safe Chemicals and Facilities

We're fighting for policies that can prevent chemical disasters and reduce the cumulative health burdens on communities.

Chemical Disaster Prevention

Chemical Disaster Prevention

Urging the EPA to strengthen the RMP rule that regulates 12,000 hazardous chemical facilities, to protect workers and communities.
Cumulative Impacts and Mandatory Emissions Reductions

Cumulative Impacts and Mandatory Emissions Reductions

Fighting for pollution-reducing policies that will improve communities' health and quality of life.


Explore the data 

Chemical fires, explosions and toxic releases occur every other day in the U.S. Data points are uploaded weekly by the Coalition to Prevent Chemical Disasters. 


Watch the video: Life at the Fenceline

There are over 12,000 extremely hazardous chemical facilities across the nation, disproportionately located in communities of color.  


2013 Explosion and Chemical Disaster in West, Texas