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The Campaign for Healthier Solutions

The Campaign for Healthier Solutions (CHS) was created by Coming Clean and the Environmental Justice Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform and is supported by over 140 community, health, mainstream green, religious, farmworker, and environmental justice organizations across the country. CHS encourages dollar store chains to protect their customers and the communities in which they operate - and grow their businesses - by implementing corporate chemical policies to identify and phase out harmful chemicals in the products they sell, and stock locally and sustainably-grown, healthy foods. The campaign is led by grassroots organizations in affected communities and their allies, and engages diverse partners to support interconnected strategies with a strong environmental justice focus and leadership.

All families deserve safe and healthy products, and all communities deserve business partners that will prioritize the health of their customers.

Unfortunately, millions of American families live in intentionally food-deprived areas without access to fresh fruits and vegetables—forcing them to rely on dollar stores for much of their food and household items. We tested dollar store products and found that many contain toxic chemicals at alarming levels. Sadly, the nation's largest dollar store chains have done very little to protect our families and their workers.

People of color and low-income communities are often already over-exposed to toxic chemicals and unhealthy foods, and that’s why the Campaign for Healthier Solutions is working to get toxic chemicals out of dollar stores. Our campaign is focused on environmental and economic justice, led by grassroots community activists, and we’re fighting to make sure dollar stores help solve our problems—instead of adding to them.

We’ve already won partial commitments from some of the nation’s largest dollar stores, but there’s still lots of work to do to get them caught up to other major retailers. Please support our work for a more just and nontoxic future.

Stay tuned for campaign events and yearly actions you can join to get involved!

—José Bravo, Campaign Coordinator


Actions and Resources

Click here to visit the Campaign for Healthier Solutions website, with research reports, background materials, media links, and action alerts. 

Reports and Videos

The Campaign for Healthier Solutions is coordinated by:

José Bravo
National Coordinator
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