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Our Team


General Contact

802-251-0203 ext. 0

Coming Clean Staff

Santiago Alcala

Information Technology Support Specialist
(802) 251-0203 ext. 713

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Minnie Boadu-Bennett

Finance Manager
(802) 251-0203 ext. 704
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Jim Irby
Network Manager

(802) 251-0203 ext. 708

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Jennyfer López Aguilar
Operations & HR Manager
(802) 251-0203 ext. 700
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Deidre Nelms

Manager of Communications & Media

(802) 251-0203 ext. 711

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Maya Nye

Federal Policy Director

(802) 251-0203 ext. 712
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Judy Robinson

Executive Director
(802) 251-0203 ext. 701
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Susan Sabella

Director of Operations
(802) 251-0203 ext. 702
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Steve Taylor

Program Director
(802) 251-0203 ext. 703
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Kelvin Wells, Jr.

National Chemical Campaign Organizer
(802) 251-0203 ext. 714
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Brianna Dodson

Development Associate
(802) 251-0203 ext. 710
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Laura Bernstein

Programs Organizer
(802) 251-0203 ext. 705
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Michael Aguilar

Programs Associate
(802) 251-0203 ext. 715

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Environmental Justice Health Alliance Staff

Stephanie Herron
National Organizer
(802) 251-0203 ext. 707
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Michele Roberts
National Co-Coordinator
(802) 251-0203 ext. 706
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Kathryn Super
Program Associate
(802) 251-0203 ext. 709
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Initiative and Team Leaders

José Bravo
National Coordinator, Campaign for Healthier Solutions 
Just Transition Alliance


Kathy Curtis

Coordinator, Cumulative Impacts & Mandatory Emissions Reductions Team

Independent Consultant 


Jeannie Economos

Co-Coordinator, Farmworker Health & Justice Team

Farmworker Association of Florida


Tracy Gregoire

Investor & Market Strategies Advisor

Learning Disabilities Association of America


Stephanie Herron

Coordinator, Hazardous Facilities Team


Laura Bernstein

Coordinator, Chemicals, Food, Agriculture and Climate Team


Anne Katten

Co-Coordinator, Farmworker Health & Justice Team

California Rural Legal Aid Foundation


Judy Robinson

Coordinator, Joint Fundraising & Funder Engagement

Board of Directors

Gary Cohen
Health Care Without Harm


Daniel Faber, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow & Research Director
Global Center for Climate Justice


Carolyn Fine Friedman, Secretary
Executive Director
The Fine Fund


Ken Geiser
Professor Emeritus
University of Massachusetts Lowell


Judy Hatcher, Treasurer
Executive Director
Biodiversity Funders Group


Marva King Lorthridge, Ph.D., Chair
Independent Consultant 


Yudith Nieto, Vice Chair
Organizing & Cultural Strategies Manager
Bayou City Waterkeeper



Please note that individuals listing other affiliations are not Coming Clean employees.


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