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Our Work

Tackling problems at the intersection of environmental health and justice issues is hard. It takes insight and a unique approach to go toe-to-toe with well-funded, entrenched corporate interests—and win.  

How can we effectively counter the political power of the chemical and fossil fuel industries? By fighting fire with water. We take a unique, consensus-based, and collaborative approach—uniting organizations, experts and activists across the environmental health and justice movements—to cultivate grassroots power and impact decision-making from inside the beltway to boardrooms across America. We find synergies which allow everyone’s unique strengths to shine, and focus these strengths on a common effort: environmental health and justice that leaves no community behind

By uniting grassroots activists with lobbyists in Washington, DC, we give advocates the moral authority to be compelling and we help local organizations achieve a national impact. By connecting scientists studying environmental health problems with fenceline communities living on the frontlines, we help people suffering from pollution fight back. With the Principles of Environmental Justice and the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing as our code of ethics, and the Louisville Charter for Safer Chemicals as our roadmap to reform, we’re creating a healthier, safer world for everyone.   

—Judy Robinson
Executive Director, Coming Clean

Focus Areas:

Safe Fields and Food

Safe Products and Stores

Safe Chemicals and Facilities

Teams & Initiatives:

Farmworker Health and Justice Team

Local Food Solutions Team

Safe Markets and Safe Substitutes

Cumulative Impacts & Mandatory Emissions Reductions Team

Chemicals, Food/Agriculture and Climate Team

Funder Engagement & Joint Fundraising Team

Coming Clean and the Environmental Justice Health Alliance (EJHA) for Chemical Policy Reform are strategic partners and jointly coordinate:

Campaign for Healthier Solutions

Chemical Disaster Prevention Program


Coming Clean's Organizing Principles

The Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing

The Principles of Environmental Justice

The Louisville Charter for Safer Chemicals