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Member Giving Program

Coming Clean members gathered together at 2019 General Strategy Meeting

Coming Clean's voluntary, pay-what-you-can Member Giving Program is designed to build more investment in the network and bolster engagement in our collective efforts for environmental health and economic and environmental justice for all.

For 20 years, Coming Clean’s members have built an amazing collaborative. During that time, a small staff has been able to generate baseline funding from national foundations to support our 501c3 operations. Our funding has enabled our strength and our impact, but we need to be more powerful to deal with the acceleration of climate inequities and environmental health injustices. We have the opportunity—and the obligation—to build on our strong model of collaboration to do more together.

Give Now Make A Commitment

Annual Goals

Member Giving is not intended to replace external funding, but rather to activate deeper engagement among all our members, creating ownership and accountability for our strategy and multiplying the impact of our network.

Join your colleagues to demonstrate commitment to the movement and one another.


2021 Results

16% member participation

$342,600 raised

2022 Goal

30% member participation


Equitable Model

To achieve equity and justice on the outside, we must first manifest it within our own network. Member Giving will have no effect—positive or negative—on a member's access or ability to participate in Coming Clean. Suggested contributions are based on a sliding scale, reflecting our commitment to principled collaboration that places grassroots organizations at the center:

Environmental Justice & Grassroots Orgs

$0 or as desired

Technical Experts

$100 per year

Nonprofit, Research & Nongovernmental Orgs

0.1% of annual budget.

For example:



$100k to $499k $100 - $500 per year
$500k to $999k $500 - $1,000 per year
$1M to $4.9M $1,000 - $5,000 per year
$5M to $9.9M $5,000 - $10,000 per year
$10M to $24.9M $10,000 - $25,000 per year
$25M and up Determined in partnership with Coming Clean leadership

Use of Funds

EJHA members presenting on the Environmental Justice InitiativeImprove equitable sharing of resources across our network

We believe living our principles means ensuring more equitable resource sharing across our network, so we’ll use funds to increase our support for grassroots groups, for example: 

- EJHA affiliates
- Grassroots groups in the Farmworker Health and Justice Initiative
- Grassroots groups in the Campaign for Healthier Solutions
- Grassroots groups in the Chemical, Food/Ag and Climate Team
- Travel support for grassroots groups interested in attending Coming Clean meetings


Coming Clean member speaking passionately with microphoneBolster our infrastructure to increase network connections

We recognize that our network is often limited by our (small) team’s ability to respond, so we’re finding more systematic ways to empower members to seize the benefits of Coming Clean on their own and collaborate more frequently with our members, so that our team can focus on supporting relationships and unifying strategies, for example: 

- Enhancing our listserv tool and members-only site
- Providing opportunities for members to participate in and start their own teams
- Hosting more frequent team and general strategy meetings, virtually & in person


Members of Campaign for Healthier Solutions standing in front of Goodlettsville City HallEnhance capacity to meet evolving opportunities and member goals 

We believe we need to move faster to meet the evolving needs of our members, so we’re working to build our capacity to respond more quickly. Member giving would allow us to replicate recent efforts such as:

- Introduction of new collaborative teams on Cumulative Impacts/Mandatory Emissions Reductions and Funder Engagement
- Joint policy platform and campaign development in the new Chemicals, Food/Agriculture and Climate Team
- An enhanced Louisville Charter
- Support for more leadership roles by members to new collaborative teams and initiatives


Give Now Ask a Question (or Two)

Coming Clean is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all contributions to Coming Clean are tax deductible.

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