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January 8, 2021The Attack on our Democracy Cannot Stand

The events that unfolded in DC on January 6th were a direct attack on our democracy and a horrific display of the racial inequities that permeate our society and institutions. What we saw in DC is the latest, brazen show of the ugly face of white supremacy, which remains so deeply rooted in this country.

The culmination of racist policies at our borders and throughout our government that we have seen over the past four years of Trump - and long before he took office - are a mirror reflection of an ingrained resistance to civil rights, and environmental, economic and public health protections for our communities. This cannot stand.

The events of January 6th underscore the mission of Coming Clean and reinforce our determination to achieve a world free of racial discrimination and toxic chemicals. We are inspired by the commitment to long term grassroots organizing, community building, and voter registration that brought the two upset victories in Georgia. Democracy is at the heart of what we do and must do. Without a healthy and thriving democracy, the voices of communities all around this country are not heard and justice cannot be achieved.

While our support for justice and our campaign for accountability is far broader than Donald Trump, and will be waged long after he leaves the White House, he is and was always unfit for office and should be removed as President of the United States immediately. He has violated his oath and desecrated the highest office in the land. His standing as President cannot be abided or these acts in DC will be a precedent for future behavior that cannot be tolerated. He is a leader of a clear and present danger to our democracy. That’s why we support his removal now.


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