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January 27, 2022On anniversary of Biden’s EJ order, is Justice40 delivering?

Today is the one-year anniversary of Justice40, President Biden’s landmark environmental justice commitment to funnel an unprecedented level of federal investment to communities injured by decades or centuries of neglect. In an executive order released only one week after he took office, the president promised that disadvantaged communities would see 40 percent of the total benefits of climate and infrastructure spending — an influx of capital that would go toward redressing past imbalances that have left marginalized communities without basic services and disproportionately exposed to harms from pollution and climate change. “It’s still a work in progress,” said Michele Roberts, National Co-Coordinator at the Environmental Justice Health Alliance for Chemical Policy Reform. “But the thing is that it has been created, and you have credible people working on that.” Roberts credited Biden’s creation of a senior CEQ position devoted to environmental justice as an encouraging step.


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