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March 19, 2019Blog: Our New Website - Frontline Voices and Action for Environmental Justice and Health


The problems we face in our effort to achieve environmental justice and health are numerous and daunting. The chemical and fossil fuel industries seem to have a bigger impact on our lives and a tighter grip on our decision-makers than ever before. However, we believe we can make a difference and create a more just and healthy world–if we work together.

Coming Clean was founded as a grassroots collaborative, and we think the best approach is to unite disparate organizations and community efforts and to find common-ground and synergies in our work toward a just and non-toxic future. We believe that the best solutions come from the bottom-up; we believe that no progress can be made unless it includes the voices and leadership of the people who are impacted first and worst. This new website will feature those voices and leadership, and serve to host grassroots, collaborative movements.    

Here, you will be able to follow our work in support of safe fields & food, safe products & stores, and safe chemicals & facilities. You will meet grassroots leaders from fenceline communities that are heavily and disproportionately impacted by polluting industries, and hear their stories of fighting for clean air and water. You will meet farmworker advocates who are demanding better working conditions for the people who labor to feed us. And, you will meet working moms who have little choice but to rely on potentially hazardous food and products from dollar stores to meet the needs of their families.

Coming Clean is dedicated to lifting the voices and supporting the ground game of the people who are most directly impacted by industry’s and government’s failure–at many levels–to protect people and the environment.

Also on this site, you will find our many in-depth reports, delving into the negative environmental health and justice disparities experienced by communities of color and low-income communities throughout the country. Our most recent, Life at the Fenceline: Understanding Cumulative Health Hazards in Environmental Justice Communities, explores the injustices related to who lives near high-risk petrochemical facilities; whether these people have access to healthy food; and if they suffer from cancer and respiratory illnesses at higher rates than the rest of the country.

We invite you to explore our new site and make the most of our resources. Most importantly, we hope you will join the fight for healthy and just communities for all.


Susan Sabella

Operations Director with Coming Clean


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