Coming Clean

Coming Clean

Building a stronger, more diverse, and better-prepared movement to fight toxic chemicals and dirty energy while promoting transitions, innovations and investments in a sustainable future.

Coming Clean pinpoints its work in the nexus of chemicals, justice, energy, and health. We align diverse organizations from across the country and internationally behind integrated strategies that will reform the chemical and fossil fuels industry so that it is no longer a source of harm to our health and the environment.

Through our vibrant and thriving network of campaigners and other experts we aim to build movement power and help develop new leadership while driving systemic changes that allow a safe chemical and energy economy to flourish.


Coming Clean designs and executes projects for environmental health and justice within an open-source collaborative model that enables groups to maintain their own identities and credit over the work as they collaborate on inter-related grassroots, policy and market campaigns. We host 18 leaders —CEOs of nonprofits, senior scientists of major national research groups, state policy leaders, market experts, communications specialists, local and national grassroots leaders, climate organizers, and business executives—who run seven inter-related workgroups among our 200 organizational partners and 350 individual issue experts. Since 2001, Coming Clean has run one of the strongest, most diverse networks of information sharing, expert analysis, review and campaigning activity in the environmental health field. We are winning campaigns for better health and a sustainable society and growing a stronger, more diverse, and better-prepared movement in the process.

We're excited to announce the first of our new websites, More to come soon! In the meantime, for more information, please contact: