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Clean Energy and Climate Solutions

Coming Clean participants at a fracking site in Wyoming

The interests of the chemical and fossil fuels industries are inextricably linked. Chemical companies use oil and gas feedstocks and huge amounts of fossil fuel-based electricity to make their products, and these chemicals are used to extract and process more dirty, climate-changing fuels. Communities living in oil and gas fields, near oil refineries, close to chemical manufacturing sites, near coal plants and mining sites, and anywhere these materials are transported for processing and use, experience health and safety threats from many of the same chemicals and companies. Each of these industrial operations generates greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change.

Power Plant

Communities of color, low-income communities, and Indigenous communities are disproportionately harmed by fossil fuel extraction, transportation, and processing; by chemical manufacture and use; and by extreme weather events and other impacts of climate changethroughout the multi-stage life cycle of fossil fuels and synthetic chemicals.

Coming Clean is addressing these challenges and advancing just solutions. We coordinate collaborative research to document health and environmental hazards caused by fossil fuel extraction and use, chemical manufacture, climate change, and the connections between all these issues. We use this research to enable community groups to lead and participate in campaigns calling for more protective standards from oil and gas operations and chemical productionat all phases of development, transportation, and useboth in legacy sites and in communities where these industries operate today. In coordination with the Environmental Justice Health Alliance, we're working with the Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy to apply their extensive research and technical expertise on energy and chemical system hazards, and train community and network leaders about these interconnected systems and problems—to see beyond the impacts they are feeling in their communities and provide powerful information and the strategic context needed to create change.

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The oil and gas industry has made our community their toxic dumping ground. But Coming Clean has provided us with a network of people and tools to demand accountability. Together, we’re taking back our human rights to have clean water, clean air, and a safe environment for our families.”
Deb Thomas, ShaleTest


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