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Energy, Chemicals and Climate

Integrating campaigns among communities and networks to achieve just and sustainable solutions to climate change.

Toxic chemicals emitted through the production of fossil fuels and chemicals might be regulated differently by our government agencies, but the impacts of energy and chemical industry operations are like two sides of the same coin.  Consider this: 

  • Toxic chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted at oil and gas production sites, at oil refineries and from facilities that use these fossil fuels as feedstock for manufacturing chemicals.
  • The boom in oil and gas development (including fracking) has enabled growth in the chemical manufacturing industry.  Cheaper access to oil and gas means more chemical production.

  • Complex mixtures of manufactured chemicals are used, in turn, to increase the toxicity of the products we bring into our homes and feed to our families.

  • Many of the same companies who extract and produce fossil fuels (like Exxon/Mobil) are the same companies reaping profits from making chemicals.

This dirty energy-and-chemical cycle contributes to climate change.  And when a climate disaster hits -- like a hurricane hitting a chemicals manufacturing zone in the Gulf or in the northeastern U.S., or a flood sweeping through oil and gas fields -- toxic chemical contamination can threaten the health and even the lives of nearby residents.

Coming Clean works to integrate and align campaigns across the chemical and energy issue areas, and achieve just and sustainable solutions to climate change.  Our goal is to advance research, policy, and on-the-ground solutions that will reduce toxic exposures and favor local, sustainable economies, community decision making, and clean energy choices.

We’re linking community organizers with state, national, and international networks to demand accountability from chemical and fossil fuel companies, protections against both their pollution and their toxic products, and chemical and energy policies that put the health of communities first. We’re conducting new and provocative research to shed light on the harms caused by the chemical and fossil fuel industrial complex.  We’re identifying and deploying campaigns that highlight the corrupt economic and political agenda that benefits the oil, gas, coal, and chemical industries, and we’re seeking to end the cycle in which the public bears the costs with their health and the future quality of life on earth.

Together with broad and diverse networks of allies, Coming Clean is setting a path for safer chemical and clean energy reforms that support climate justice.