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Who We Are and What We Do

Coming Clean General Meeting 2016

At Coming Clean, hundreds of  organizations are working collaboratively to create a world without toxic chemicals, where no community’s health is sacrificed to the energy and chemical industries, and where our climate and economy are nontoxic, sustainable, and just for all.  We believe we have the right to know what’s being put in our air, water, food and products, and we’re demanding that substances are proven safe before we’re exposed to them.  We know that any industry which disproportionately harms vulnerable communities, or any chemical or pollution policy developed without the consent of those who suffer its worst impacts is unjust - and we’re working to change it.  In short, we are pushing  industries and government to “come clean.”

Coming Clean was founded in 2001 by environmental health and justice organizers to better unite our movement parts, for a more holistic and effective approach to protecting our health and safety from toxic trespass.  Our mission is to reform the industrial chemical and fossil fuels industries so they are no longer a source of harm, and to secure systemic changes that allow a safe chemical and clean energy economy to flourish.

Toward that end, Coming Clean manages the exchange of ideas and information relevant to industry reform strategies; amplifies campaigns coordinated by our participant groups; and coordinates a set of Coming Clean-led campaigns and projects that align market-based demands, inclusive organizing and grassroots strategies, provocative research and advocacy for insightful policies.    

Our participants include  grassroots organizations representing farmworkers, people of color, health professionals, scientists, business leaders, the poor, investors, consumers, conservationists, chemical workers, parents, and communities living on the frontlines of the chemical and energy industries.  With the Principles of Environmental Justice and the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing as our code of ethics, and the Louisville Charter for Safer Chemicals as our roadmap to reform, we’re creating a healthier, safer world for everyone.