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Recent News

  • As Congress continues its consideration of the Trump Administration’s proposal to slash funding for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a coalition of community environmental justice and health groups issued a volley of letters urging appropriators to maintain funding for vital health and safety programs. Read the news release here for more information. 

  • Shoppers, Parents and Health Experts Visit 80+ Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Locations Asking for Toxic Chemical Safety this Holiday Season. Read the news release in English or Spanish

  • Major Retailers Graded on Toxic Chemicals in Products and Packaging - Dollar General and Dollar Tree Falling Behind Competition Regarding Safer Products. Get more information here.

  • The Environmental Justice Health Alliance Commends Senator Booker's New Bill to Address Environmental Injustices. Read the news release here.

  • Studies show that people in poverty are exposed to more environmental pollution, and our own research shows Blacks and Latinos are far more likely to live next to hazardous facilities which are often its source of this pollution--but these studies simply confirm the experiences of exposure, illness, and death that too many people living in the shadow of industrial chemical pollution know so well.  That's why Coming Clean worked with Delaware community groups and the Union of Concerned Scientists to issue a new report showing that all seven 'environmental justice communities' we studied in Wilmington face dramatically higher risk of developing cancers or respiratory illnesses linked to this pollution.  Read the press release here, the executive summary here, or go straight to the report, here

  • We teamed up with NRDC and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners to get toxic phthalates out of children's toys--and we won!  The Consumer Product Safety Commission listened to our scientists and advocates, and just took decisive action to protect the health of our kids! Read more here.

  • Consumer Agency to Ban Harmful Chemicals in Children’s Toys. Read the news release here.

  • Victory!  The Consumer Product Safety Commission took much-needed action to ban a class of bio-accumulative halogenated flame retardants - linked to endocrine disruption, cancer and more. Read the news article here.

  • Harvey's Cleanup List: Toxic Plumes, Dead Animals, Debris. Read the news article here. 

  • If You Think the Government Will Do Something About Chemical Explosions in the Wake of Houston, Think Again. Read the news article here.

  • A Toxic Storm: Hazardous Facilities, Failed Chemical Safety Policies, and Extreme Weather Leave Houston Residents Swimming in Toxic Soup:

    In response to the devastation and suffering created by Tropical Storm Harvey, and the toxic hazards posed to health and the environment by dozens of hazardous industrial and commercial facilities concentrated in the Houston area, Michele Roberts, Co-Coordinator of the Environmental Justice Health Alliance (EJHA), issued a statement. Read the statement here.

  • Coming Clean, a network of 200 community, state and national organizations working to reduce the disproportionate suffering toxic chemicals impose on people of color and the poor, is deeply saddened and disappointed by the recent racist, hateful actions in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our hearts are with the victims of these attacks—whether they died or were injured directly by white supremacists, died in an accident while seeking to protect the public, or were one of the millions among us who felt the chill and horror intended by this terrorist attack. We condemn racism and all supremacist ideologies everywhere they appear, be they in the streets of Charlottesville, our institutions of government and criminal justice, and in the daily lives of those who continue to suffer their impacts. Read our statement here.

  • A Force for Nature, and for New Mexico. Read the feature NRDC wrote on EJHA leader Richard Moore.

  • Dollar Tree says it's protecting consumers from toxic chemicals - Group wants proof. Read the article here.

  • Dollar Tree Customers Confront Executives At Shareholder Meeting Asking For Nontoxic Products - But Receive No Answers. Read the news release

  • Trump must not block efforts to prevent chemical disasters. Read the OpEd by Pamela Nixon featured on The Hill.

  • The Power of Collaboration for Environmental Health and Justice. Read about the power of our collaborative in this article by Carolyn Fine Friedman featured on Grantmakers In Health.

  • Public Health Campaign Says Dollar General's Illegal Hazardous Waste Treatment is Another Example of Careless Corporate Behavior Endangering Communities. Read the news release

  • EPA Administrator Pruitt Delays Safety Measures, Puts Workers and Fence-line Communities in Further Danger of Chemical Disasters. Read the news release. 

  • 25 EJ Groups Urge Congress: Don't Meddle with Chemical Plant Safety Improvements. Groups Say Congress will be Blamed if New Safety Updates are Blocked and Disaster Strikes. Read the news release here.